45lb Super Copper


Super Copper fishing line Made in the USA from Blood Run Tackle Co. has been extensively field tested in order to ensure the best fishability and fish catching characteristics.   When we developed our Super Copper fishing line, we tested numerous different types, twists, weights, diameters to develop what we believe is the best copper trolling wire available.

Blood Run Tackle Co. super copper is a tin/nickel alloy coated copper wire that allows for saltwater corrosion resistance and more pliability in the fishing wire itself.   This allows for smoother payout and retrieve.

There is no debating the fact that copper trolling wire has swept through many trolling  fisheries as a "must-have" presentation for neutral or negative predators.   Now, open water, bay and major river system anglers are catching on to the valuable benefits of implementing super copper into their trolling spreads.

Copper fishing wire's unique ability to cut through underwater currents and temperature layers are the number one reason copper stands alone in its ability to get down to active fish other than by use of stainless wire, snapweights or downriggers.

For important tips and tricks regarding rigging, knots, repairs, deployment and copper program techniques, click here to see how Blood Run Pro's utilize our copper fishing line to put more fish in the box!

Check out Blood Run Micro Swivels for your Copper to Bloodline Braid Backer connections.

Click here for dive chart data for copper trolling wire.

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Grant Bjork

I have had great success with Blood Runs copper trolling wire in both 32 and 45lb. The 45lb is very durable and produces fish for me when my downriggers do not. I am a small boat troller and usually run 2 boards a side and they always produce, 300 is my best rod. Very good product.

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Eric Latner

Highly recommend this copper wire after using several other brands. Very durable and usually the most productive rods on my boat. Nothing compares to copper imo.

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Kris Johnson

Gold standard in copper trolling wire, nothing is easier to deploy and work with, and flat out catches fish. Thanks Bloodrun

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Luke Stark

This is THE gold standard in copper fishing wire, nothing comes close. My friends who know nothing about copper can set my rods easily when we are trolling and have ZERO issues. Great price and great product

Jan 2016
Posted Sep 26th 2017 by Jon Kolehouse

Great copper line! Tangles less than other brands due to the fact it is softer. Highly recommended for getting your gear at the right depth.

Posted Aug 22nd 2017 by Alex Challender

Absolutely the best copper on the market! Would never buy any other brand of copper out there. Blood Run has done their research and developed a product that produces fish after fish, deploys well, and resists kinks and twists for multiple seasons.

Posted Aug 14th 2017 by Son Set Charter Fishing

Thank you Blood Run for producing your copper spools in lengths that are perfect for fishing the Great Lakes!! At #sonsetcharters we run your gear on all our fishing rigs. Every time of the year #bloodrun hooks up and makes the customers happy. Thank you

Posted May 12th 2017 by Aaron Pfaff

By far the best copper I have ever used. Easy to deploy and repair when needed. Holds up great for many years just check your knots.

Posted Apr 3rd 2017 by Jarod

Great copper line. Very easy to work with.

Copper wire
Posted Dec 29th 2016 by Capt Jon Kolehouse

Without a doubt the best handling copper on the market. Kinks and tangles are a thing of the past with this copper. Durable, kink free and no more headaches. Highly recommended

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Height 2.00
Width 4.00
Depth 2.00
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45lb Super Copper