100% Fluorocarbon XL Fishing Leader

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100% pure fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run Tackle.

Premium fluorocarbon leader material made from "top grade" Japan carbon resin blends to provide the most durable fluorocarbon leader material in it's line class.   These resins provide the required stiffness to allow for "whip" and "roll" required for proper bait presentation at slow trolling/casting speeds.

100% fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run is nearly 100% invisible under water, and is impervious to harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays.  

Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon has enhanced abrasion resistant properties for trolling applications which leaders come in frequent contact with stainless wire, cables, nets and trolling wire.

Available in 25YD and 100YD spools.

Please read this informative article regarding selecting the correct fluorocarbon leader material for your application.   This article discusses various and proper knot techniques and rigging tips.

27 Reviews

Dean Cushman Aug 30th 2021

Fluorocarbon Leader

I use this leader for multiple species and does a great job at all of them. I run the 20lb leader for my walleye fishing for short leaders and leaders on lead core. I use the 30lb for leaders on copper for steelhead and salmon. Finally, I use the 40lb for leaders on dipsy divers. I run a 30 foot leader on the divers without a snubber and have never had a leader break. It is tough stuff!

Captain Caleb Jun 4th 2021

Fluorocarbon Leader XL

The only leader material I have found that will handle the rough abrasive bottom of Lake Superior.

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