16LB Tournament Monofilament Fishing Line


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This is a specialty item, we only produce limited quantities each season....it has limited in availability.  

One of the most abrasion resistant monofilaments on the planet.  Used for back trolling, forward trolling, back bouncing, direct tied stickbait/crainkbait casting/trolling, pier fishing and just about anything else you can think of.

Less than 1% of the mono available on the market comes with any type of abrasion resistant coating to it whatsoever. After you put the fish on the deck, dock, bank, or slam the cooler on your line...once you heave it back out for the next set that piece of mono has been through the ringer.

Extra abrasion resistant coatings, shock absorbent resins and excellent knot strength all define our Tournament Monofilament.

Available in 16lb Test, .013" diameter in both Clear and Natural Green 3300YD spools.

Matches the standard .013" diameter reference used to calculate popular dive curve data for various crankbaits.

Click here for dive curve depth chart trolling data for popular stickbaits with Tournament Mono.





15 Reviews

Captain Al Apr 23rd 2021

Tournament 16# mono

I switch over to Blood Run Tournament 16# mono about a year ago after trying a couple other brand lines that just didn't seem to hold up that well. I am very pleased with the Tournament 16# mono line.

George Kuhns - Flashy Sportfishing Feb 9th 2021

Tournament Mono 16

Been using this for 2 seasons. Excellent line for great lakes trolling. Catches everything from walleye and steelhead to 20# lake trout. Line that makes it 2 seasons on my boat is unheard of. Great product.

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