Bulk Impaler Treble Hooks

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Premium hard tempered carbon steel cutting point replacement treble hooks for crankbaits, stickbaits, trolling spoons and trolling flies for bass, walleye, coho, chinook, and more!  Incredibly strong 1X "featherweight steel" to impart ZERO action on spoons, stickbaits and trolling rigs.

  • Round bend
  • Three straight super sticky precision cutting points
  • Wide gap hooking grip
  • Corrosion resistant non glare black matte finish
  • Premium welds
  • Super strong featherweight carbon steel
  • 95 Treble Hooks per bulk pack

Lure Hook Size replacement chart:

Michigan Stinger Scorpion Spoons, Moonshine Walleye Spoons, Silver Streak Mini and similar small profile lightweight trolling spoons size 4 or 6

Dreamweaver Regular, Silver Streak Regular, Moonshine Regular, Dreamweaver Super Slim, Michigan Stinger and Stingray and similar medium profile trolling spoons size 1 or 2

All Magnum Spoons size 1 or 1/0

Coho/Pnut and short trolling flies size 1 or 2

Salmon Trolling Flies, Spin N Glo's, Meat Rig's size 1 or 1/0

Crawler Harness Stinger Treble size 4 or 6

Replacement Treble Hooks for Perfect Ten Smithwick Rogue, Bandit, Husky Jerk, Bay Rat, Hot N Tot, Thin Fin, Brad's Wigglers, Yakima Mag Lips, B Shad, Flicker Minnow, Flicker Shad, Top 20 Smithwick, Reef Runner, Tail Dancer size 4 or 6

Jigging Rap/Jighead Stinger Trebles size 10

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7 Reviews

Maatley Crew Aug 23rd 2020

Treble hook Impaler

I can see why this hook got its name “ The Impaler “ you have to literally pull them out of the fish’s mouth with a pliers!!! They don’t bend either. Great product super sharp.

Cody Krueger Jun 19th 2020

Impaler Treble Hooks

I switched to the impalers a few seasons ago because the VMCs were bending an the Owners were to heavy an taking action away from my baits. These trebles are amazing! Light weight and they dont bend! They are incredibly sharp an have no problem penetrating the jaw of a big mature king.

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