Stem Fishing Float Tube


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Premium float tubing for fixed stem floats.    Easy to slide on and off, semi rigid and will not chafe your mainline. 

Recommended two small pieces of blaze on the top stem and one larger piece of clear on the bottom stem for best performance.

One 12" piece Clear for bottom stem

One 12" piece Hi Vis Blaze Orange for top stem

Read this informative article on how to rig Fixed Stem Floats using our Float tubing here...

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Orville Smullen Jr Feb 16th 2021

Float tubing

Great float tubing! I don't have to try to figure out what piece is for the top or bottom due to the bright orange color that can be seen easily. That also helps when fingers are cold and your grabbing them out of a terminal tackle box. VERY DURABLE, no lost floats as of yet. Great job Blood Run!

Corey Wollen Jan 12th 2019


Very easy to see and use. Doesn't appear to crack or chafe in cold weather. Decent stretch and slides on and off a variety of floats that I use from Blood Run and others.

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