SSF Centerpin Float Rod

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Built on proprietary Blood Run Tackle carbon fiber blanks, these rods are the lightest and most responsive carbon fiber handled rods on the market today.

The SSF Centerpin float rod uses custom line guides specifically for Blood Run Tackle float fishing applications.    The guides are corrosion proof 100% Titanium framed with custom bezeled super hard inserts to almost completely eliminate line friction.    These guides were developed to work with lines like Blood Run Tackle Floating Mono mainline to greatly minimize any friction or drag, either during drifts, fighting fish, or snags.   This results in less line wear, zero grooving, zero friction, low ice build up, and silky smooth drifts.

In addition, the elevated line guide design provides for zero line contact with the rod blank in wet and windy conditions, and combined with the standard size 8 line guide as the final tip guide, float fishermen can expect a low to no ice buildup condition even in below freezing conditions.   The extra large tip guide (no tip top) eliminates all line contact with the blank, resulting in super smooth drifts and zero hang ups.

Both blanks are constructed with a proprietary blend and modulus positioning of 40 and 50 ton carbon fiber materials.   This results in a thin walled high modulus (stiffness) blank that can capture and release energy super light weight form.  The 4 piece construction carries an incredible and unmatched final build weight of only 5.7 ounces which makes is THE lightest of all 4 piece 13' float rods of this graphite construction.  The blank is extremely sensitive to angler direction, allowing for precision float control and line mending, while still providing backbone to muscle even coastal fish.    It's 12lb leader rating is huge for a blank of this lightweight and responsive construction.

The 2 piece 11'6" rod blank is perfect for smaller tributaries, tight cover, or boat fishing, where casting and storage space are a challenge.   The 2 piece construction carries a final build weight of an incredible and un-matched 5.4 ounces.   This is THE lightest available 11'6" 2 piece float rod available on the market today.

The rods are finished with super durable and great looking carbon fiber handles in a 20" overall length for a wide range of custom positions available to the float fishermen.   The extended length is great for tucking under your elbow or armpit for long days on the water or putting leverage on big fish.   The carbon fiber handles come with graphite sliding rings for the ultimate in flexibility in spinning reel or centerpin reel placement for each anglers own comfort.

A limited lifetime warranty is available which protects against manufacturing defects and unexpected damage to rods during transport.   The warranty is available for $100 and covers individual rod sections only that may suffer damage.  Limit (2) rod section replacements per lifetime, warranty can be purchased at any time.   We do not offer warranty exceptions at any time under any circumstances.   

Made in the U.S.A.

  • LENGTH: 13’0″
  • PCS: 4
  • LEADER WT: 6-12LB
  • LURE WT: 1/4-5/8OZ
  • TOTAL WT: 5.7 OZ
  • LENGTH: 11’6″
  • PCS: 2
  • LEADER WT: 6-10LB
  • LURE WT: 1/4-1/2OZ
  • TOTAL WT: 5.4 OZ

5 Reviews

Jordan Litken Jan 12th 2019


My new goto float fishing rod. Very lightweight, the handle does actually feel warm to the touch. A perfect compliment to my small kingpin centerpin reel. If you fish small waterways or on a boat this would be an ideal setup. I got a great deal at $299 plus free ship!

Barry Reisenberg Oct 22nd 2018


I purchased my SSF Float Rod from an authorized dealer and am very very pleased. The 11’6” 2 piece is the lightest float rod I have ever laid hands on, I can fish it all day and not even notice that I am holding it. I have fought and landed 30lb Chinook with this rod, any steelhead is no match. Great performance, beautifully built, great rod!

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