Bloodline Braid


Bloodline Braid is one of the strongest microfilament braids in it's class.   Woven with multiple Japanese Dyneema fibers, the strongest in the world, this is one tough braid!

No frills and completely frictionless, this super-soft superline allows for long distance casts with no tip whip on spinning and centerpin rods.   

In 65lb, it makes the perfect trolling backing line for copper and lead core setups minimizing wind drag when used with planer boards.

 - Trolling Reel Backing

- SpinCasting/Trolling mainline

- Float Fishing Mainline

- Centerpin Backing


Available in 330 yard and 1300 yard spools, 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 40LB, 65LB, Ocean Blue color.


Please refer to this informative article about using and spooling up with Bloodline Braid as Leadcore or Copper Trolling Wire backing material.

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Randy Eckert

I still use braid on some of my diver rods and this line works great. I like the slightly larger breaking strength, it packs down nice on my reels and is super smooth. Impossible to break .

Posted Apr 1st 2017 by Capt Mark Rapson

I used the HiVis braid for leadcore and Super Copper backer last season. Going back through my reels this season its plain to see that it held up great. Its super smooth, cuts the wind well and minimizes the dreaded board hop.

Posted Jan 24th 2017 by Captain Rob

Love the HiVis braid for backing on my coppers and cores and we use the camo braid for slide divers. Perfectly designed product for trout and salmon fishing.

Bloodline Braid
Posted Aug 31st 2016 by Stan Meyers

I really like how well this line works. I see myself buying more in the near future. Great job!

Bloodrun braid
Posted Aug 22nd 2016 by CHRIS MCCULLY

I have been really impressed with the quality and durability of this line. I now use it as backer for everything from walleye monofilament reels, salmon trolling reels, and centerpin reel backer. Will purchase more when the spool runs dry.

Bloodline Braid
Posted Jul 30th 2016 by ALLEN KRAFT

I purchased the bloodline braid as a backer for my copper setups. The durability and strength of this braid is superior to anything else out there. Will be buying more for next season.

bloodline braid fishing
Posted May 5th 2016 by paul landry

très bon produit et le shipping est rapide ( Canada )

great off boards
Posted Apr 27th 2016 by Vince Gulino

This segmented braided spool is great and works great off boards and perfect backer for walleye copper

Hi vis braid line
Posted Mar 23rd 2016 by Bill Sornson

I use the hi vis braid line as a backer for my copper lines love the fact you don't have to search around for your lines while fishing and it's easy to identify which line is getting hit. I'll never use anything else again.

Great Product
Posted Oct 12th 2015 by living on the ice

Great product, the quality is top notch. Will be buying this again, Thanks!

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
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Bloodline Braid