Bone Crusher XL Treble


Massive hook setting and gripping performance on these big game monster treble hooks.   Perfectly tempered to stand up to rock hard predator jaws and laser sharp to withstand harsh punishment fish after fish.    The ideal replacement hook for all of your casting and live bait rigs, available in black nickel finish.   Perfect for Sturgeon, Muskie, Pike, Wahoo, Mackeral and other large gamefish!

Pack of 5, size 4/0, 5/0

Read this information article regarding hook styles and selection.

Verified Buyer Steve Lint

Caught my personal best 51" on a Suick replaced with the 4/0 Bone Crusher trebles. Sharpest hooks I have ever used, highly recommend these.

Verified Buyer Jeff Lane

Bent a few of these up for my quick strike sucker rigs, they jam it right in on the strike. Easy to extract or cut if you need to...these are excellent hooks.

Verified Buyer Wayne Smith

Replaced some swimbait hooks with these Bone Crushers and they performed! Super sticky, have not missed a muskie yet with them. Will be switching the rest of my arsenal over to them this winter!

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Height 3.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00
Bone Crusher XL Treble