Bloodline Braid PE Fishing Line


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Bloodline Braid is one of the strongest microfilament fishing braids in it's class. 

Woven with multiple Japanese Dyneema fibers, the strongest in the world, this is one tough braid!

No frills and completely frictionless, this super-soft 4-strand superline allows for long distance casts with no tip whip on spinning and centerpin rods.   

In 50LB and 65lb, it makes the perfect trolling backing line for copper and lead core setups minimizing wind drag when used with planer boards.

- Trolling Reel Backing

- SpinCasting/Trolling mainline

- Float Fishing Mainline

- Centerpin Backing

 Available in 330 yard and 1300 yard spools, 10LB, 20LB, 30LB, 40LB, 50LB, and 65LB Sky Blue color.

Please refer to this informative article about using and spooling up with Bloodline Braid as Leadcore or Copper Trolling Wire backing material.

*Note* for using with Reel Fill Calculators when spooling trolling reels, please be aware of the following diameters

65LB .019"

50LB .014"

40LB .012"


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12 Reviews

Todd Hopfner Apr 24th 2021

Best braid ever

Hey I've used many different types of braid out there on the market and this stuff is the best the tension and the knot consistency is great I love the color to even when faded its easy to see for the human but not the fish..

Sammy cappelli Sep 9th 2020


This braid is awesome, I use the 10# test braid with a 8# fluorocarbon leader about 16” in length for jig fishing shallow weed beds and rock piles for walleye. I use a 15# fluorocarbon leader for jigging blade baits like vibe or shiver minnows. The reason for the heavier leader for vibe fishing is to prevent the line getting caught on the hooks when the vibe is vertically jigged.

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