Bulk Tail Out Hook


Simply the best straight point straight eye fishing hook available on the market, only from Blood Run Tackle.

The Tail Out single hook by Blood Run Tackle is constructed of carbon black forged steel in an extremely light weight design. Utilizing extra heavy wire to eliminate hook twists and bending on power sets, this chemically sharpened tapered beak hook is designed for float fishing, drifting and live or dead bait dropshotting.

Available in Carbon Black color, packs of 95 in a wide range of sizes to cover all float fishing conditions ranging from clear shallow trout streams to heavy tidal saltwater flows.

  • Available in sizes #20 - 3/0
  • Carbon Black Finish
  • Forged Carbon Steel Wire
  • Straight eye
  • Short shank
  • Wide gap

Read this informative Pro Staff Tip article to determine which hook size and style is best for your float fishing application.

Posted Oct 12th 2018 by Lawrence McClaughlin

Very please with the Tail Out hooks for bead and bag bait fishing for salmon and steelhead. Very unique, these hooks seems to hook directly in the top upper jaw right at the snout every time...great hook.

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Justin Mackie

My goto hook for bead and bag fishing for steelhead. I love the bulk packs, I fish alot of wood and break leaders off alot on snags. Having a big supply of hooks ready to go is key to staying fishing. I love the size 4 and even down to size 10 when the fish are pressured. Unbelievably strong, strongest wire I have seen for a steelhead hook.

Posted Mar 20th 2018 by Corey Lockett

Best damn hooks I have ever fished, and that is saying alot. Crazy strong, perfect jammed hooksets in the roof of the mouth every time, and zero breaks. I have literally caught probably 300 steelhead on the same pack of size 10 hooks I bought one month ago, and I still have 3/4 of the bag left. Unbelievable!

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Jarrett Clark

Great deal on 100 hooks, hard to find sizes in bulk. These are my goto fav bead and bag hook for float fishing. I dont think I have broke a single hook in three packs yet. Super strong wire and super sharp points

Posted Aug 26th 2017 by Stephen Mishler

These are by far the best hook i have ever used bead fishing for steelhead. They are incredibly strong, sticky sharp and DURABLE. Offering bulk packs of them for a discounted price per hook is a blessing for us fishy guys that are on the water 5 days a week! Once again another awesome product from blood run.

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Height 3.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00
Bulk Tail Out Hook