We are currently accepting submissions for our Captain/Guide program.  The Captain/Guide program is not a Pro Staff program.   

The Captains/Guide program provides product discounts and special promotions to licensed charter captains/fishing guide owner-operators with active and established guide businesses.  You must be licensed and insured by the State of which you operate, as well as licensed by the US Coast Guard (if guiding by boat and your state requires this).  

You must be currently enrolled in a United States Coast Guard approved random drug testing program.   You must submit a copy of your enrollment card on an annual basis to verify your participation in such a program.   If a copy of your drug program card is not submitted to us via email annually, you will be removed from the captains program without notification.   Drug screening must also include screening for drugs such as Adderall and other such non-recreational drugs.

You must have an active charter/guide business website, a FEIN Tax ID number, and an active Facebook Business Page or Business Instagram Account in order to participate. 

Walk-in only guides are not eligible for the program.

Please begin the sign up process by contacting us via our contact page with your business information, and all of the information requested above.   Attachments can be sent later via email once we respond to your initial request.

Not all applications will be approved even if the above requirements are met.   Approval is at the discretion of Blood Run Tackle.

Members of the program can be removed at any time, without notification, and for any reason.