Here are some helpful tips to remember when fishing with Blood Run Tackle Floating Mono Mainline.

DO:  Match your leader to your mainline.   10lb mainline can be successfully fished with 6lb test or lighter fluorocarbon leader.   15lb mainline can be successfully fished with 10lb test or lighter fluorocarbon leader.   23lb mainline can be fished successfully with 17lb test or lighter fluorocarbon leader.

DO:  Use a quality swivel between your mainline and leader connection

DO:  Strip back 8-10' of line after every outing or every other outing, particularly after having caught/landed many fish...or when the line has come in contact with logs/obstructions or landing nets.    Excessive shot sliding or float sliding is also a consideration for cutting back mainline periodically.

DO:  Pinch down on the mainline and apply pressure when bringing it back onto the spool periodically after drifts.   This will prevent loose packing of the line on the reel, which can result in under-wrapping.

DO:  Periodically respool your mainline.   Mainline can and does stretch out after pulling back on snags attempting to break them free, power hooksets, and fighting fish.   Blood Run Tackle floating mono mainline is not designed for a complete season of heavy or excessive use.   Frequently check your mainline for stretched appearance, or other damage that may occur from line guides and under wrapping.

DON'T:  Use leader larger than what is recommended for your mainline.   It is strongly recommended to use Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon leader when fishing our mainline, as it is matched appropriately.   Different manufacturers have different line ratings, they are not universal.

DON'T:  Spool your reel without keeping solid tension on the line.   Loose spooling results in loose packing, which results in poor performance.

DON'T:  Excessively crimp your shot using tools, or tie your float stops excessively tight either.   This will damage the mainline, creating a weak spot.

DON'T:  Use anything other than premium soft shot for float fishing.   Do not use hard shot, or butterfly shot on the mainline.