Floating Mono 15LB


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The perfect Floating Mono mainline for float fishing Lake/Ocean Run Steelhead, Salmon, Brown Trout and more.

True floating mono with custom line conditioners mixed with nylon resins to create the perfect line for drift and float fishing.

Our floating mono has excellent knot strength, and will not absorb water or Ultra Violet rays which will impact traditional monofilament fishing lines.

Available in a variety of colors for different visibility conditions for both the fisherman to mend long drifts, as well as for low light conditions.

Super slippery and abrasion resistant for ease of sliding shot patterns and standing up to snagging trees, bushes, rocks and logs....this is one tough float line designed for hardcore float fishermen.

Please follow this link to see a list of fluorocarbon leader that can be safely run with this mainline. 

Available in 300 yard spools.

For more information regarding proper selection of mainlines and leaders, along with tips on dealing with common float fishing scenarios, please visit this Pro Staff tip article.

For more information on spooling tips for centerpin reels, baitcasters, and spinning reels, please view the Float Fishing Pro Staff Tip section for a number of articles covering those topics.


40 Reviews

paul tragis Mar 14th 2021

15# floating mono

Watched a couple of guys using on their center pin reels and was amazed at how well it lifted from the water. bought a spool of 15# and 23# and spooled my casting reels for drift and bober fishing. absolutely not the noticeable drag drift fishing that you have with braid. casting I believe is smother and harder to backlash. Bober fishing is also drag free.

Tom Feb 15th 2021

Handles great for float fishing

I've tried PowerPro, Trilene XL, Floatation, Hydrofloat. This is the best overall! Handles great, doesn't backlash (baitcaster) unless I'm careless. Has yet to break on me, the lighter leader will pop first. Hasn't let me down. So smooth, feels good under my thumb. Ties good knots. Will be my float line of choice. This is the best overall blend of strength, float and handling. I'm using natural green so as not to spook fish in low, clear water...

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