Floating Mono 23LB


The perfect Float Fishing Mono mainline for large pelagic and anadromous species.

True floating mono with custom line conditioners mixed with nylon resins to create the perfect line for drift and float fishing applications.

Our floating mono has excellent knot strength, and will not absorb water or Ultra Violet rays which will impact traditional monofilament fishing lines.

Available in a variety of colors for different visibility conditions for both the fisherman to mend long drifts, as well as for low light conditions.

Super slippery and abrasion resistant for ease of sliding shot patterns and standing up to snagging trees, bushes, rocks and logs....this is one tough float line designed for hardcore float fishermen.

Please visit this link to view a list of fluorocarbon leaders that are approved to run with this mainline.

Available in 300 yard spools.

For more information regarding proper selection of mainlines and leaders, along with tips on dealing with common float fishing scenarios, please visit this Pro Staff tip article.

For more information on spooling tips for centerpin reels, baitcasters, and spinning reels, please view the Float Fishing Pro Staff Tip section for a number of articles covering those topics.

Posted Jan 12th 2019 by Barry Reisenburg

This is a great float line for big water with heavy floats. I fish blown out rivers every once in a while with big 20+ gram floats and egg sinkers, and this line is a great match. No memory at all and good abrasion resistance.

Posted Sep 17th 2018 by Gorden A

This is a great line for float fishing for salmon. It mends very well and floats high. Durability is excellent. Looking forward to maybe an orange color in the future. Great product!

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Wes Fronz

Killer line for float fishing for salmon. It can literally handle anything, including a 10 foot long branch with a king wrapped around it. Caught 45 salmon in two days with this line, not a single scratch. Still haven’t respoooled and going on 6 weeks straight fishing with it. I definitely recommend this.

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Jeff Boatwright

Great float fishing line for salmon! It mends very well, seems very thin diameter even though its a 25lb line. Great visibility, smooth casts, great abrasion resistance. A+

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Rick Anton

Great float fishing line for my centerpin reel. I have caught probably 100 chinook so far this month float fishing, with my PB 33lbs! Not a single chafe or break off, very smooth and excellent knot quality. Great line thanks!

Posted Mar 14th 2018 by Randy Loss

I use this in Oregon for big steelhead and it has delivered for me. Very soft, extremely abrasion resistant and I cannot break this line no matter what. Used Maxima and Pline for years...those are not even close to the strength diameter ratio of Blood Run mainline. Highly recommend for serious float fishermen.

Posted Mar 6th 2018 by Len Worthy

This is the only line I will use on my centerpin for float fishing. Much more forgiving than the braid I used to use, and floats and mends nicely. No tip whip like braid either. Had a BIG coastal steel swing around some boulders and this line came back without so much as a scratch.

Posted Feb 14th 2018 by Scott Gordon

Just caught my PB OP coastal steelhead on this line...it was 22.5LBs! Awesome line, performed flawlessly on my baitcaster. A+ would highly recommend..

Floating Mono 23lb
Posted Dec 12th 2016 by Jason Letherman

This put a whooping on the Kings this year - I had it on my pin and my Baitcaster floating rigs. Haven't changed it on my pin yet as I also have the 15lb and it hasn't skipped a beat. If you put the wood to Kings get this !

Best Leader on the market!
Posted Nov 12th 2016 by Jay Hixon

This is best leader in the market by far! Whether you're using 15lb for kings or 6-8 for steelhead! Never lets me down and it's my go to leader for sure!

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Floating Mono 23LB