Fluorocarbon Leader XL


100% pure fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run Tackle.

Premium fluorocarbon leader material made from "top grade" Japan carbon resin blends to provide the most durable fluorocarbon leader material in it's line class.   These resins provide the required stiffness to allow for "whip" and "roll" required for proper bait presentation at slow trolling/casting speeds.

100% fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run is nearly 100% invisible under water, and is impervious to harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays.  

Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon has enhanced abrasion resistant properties for trolling applications which leaders come in frequent contact with stainless wire, cables, nets and trolling wire.

Available in 25YD and 100YD spools.

Please read this informative article regarding selecting the correct fluorocarbon leader material for your application.   This article discusses various and proper knot techniques and rigging tips.

Verified Buyer Chad Blackmon

The most abrasion resistant fluorocarbon leader I have used to date. I have wrapped it around pilings, trolling motor shafts, wire lines, you name it. I only wish there were 200yd spools of this available. I fish pike, musky, walleye and bass.

Verified Buyer Charles Woodlight

A friend recommended this 20lb fluorocarbon to me for Redfish and Snook leader material. Long time Seaguar guy here...not any longer. Never heard of Blood Run Tackle but I cant imagine anything topping this leader period. I am not sure how they make it, but it is virtually indestructible around anything...piles, docks, rocks, oyster beds, etc.

Verified Buyer Adam Jones

I recently bought the 20lb for fishing redfish upon a recommendation from a guide I know, and this stuff is incredible. I have had fish drag it all over oyster beds and nearly zero wear for the worse. Have not broken a fish off, and have only re-tied my leader once in 5 times out! Glad I found out about this leader!

Verified Buyer Al Black

This is the only leader I will tie my meat rigs and flies with for big lake Ontario Kings. I go up to Pickering twice each summer and have no problem catching 20's and the every once in a while 30lb chinook with this leader, always performs without any issues.

Verified Buyer Ron Baker

Just caught my PB red snapper on the 20lb fluoro, fish swam under boat and thought the leader would chafe, not a scuff on it. Great leader

Verified Buyer Marc Wallace

Very Durable. Takes a beating and holds up!!!

Verified Buyer Captain Frank Alfaro

This is by far the best leeder material I've ever used!!

Verified Buyer Walt Galen

Went Blue Fin tuna fishing out of San Diego and caught a 30 pounder on the 20lb fluoro leader. It has excellent knot strength , minimal memory and excellent abrasion resistance. The hook was set deep in the mouth, even though the line was in contact with the teeth of the BF there was minimal abrasion to the line. Would not hesitate to fish for 40 lb Blue Fin Tuna with the Blood Run 20lb test fluorocarbon. Walt Costa Mesa Calif.

Verified Buyer Bruce

Great leader material. No problems with break offs. Ties easily and the blood run suggestions are great also

Durable, Dependable Leader
Verified Buyer Capt Mark Rapson Black Pearl Sportfishing Holland, MI

This stuff is tough as nails, yet is still easy to tie knots with. I start the year off using 20lb leader on leadcore and copper for spring browns and coho. Then upsize to 30lb leader once kings start showing up and run that all season. We use 40lb for diver leaders and fly leader. The spools come with a plastic keeper on the center of the spool that keeps the line from coiling off and easily accessible.

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
Fluorocarbon Leader XL