Fluorocarbon Leader


100% pure fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run Tackle for dropshotting, float fishing, and stealthy trolling applications for brown trout and walleye.  

Premium fluorocarbon constructed from the highest available grade resin mixtures to provide one of the smoothest and most durable fluorocarbon leader materials.    This is an extremely high end leader, no doubt about it.

Nearly 100% invisible under water, impervious to Ultra Violet (UV) rays and is extremely abrasion resistant. 

Added resin mixtures allow slightly more flex and stretch than our stiffer trolling leader, while still providing great senstivity for dropshotting, float fishing and jigging.

Available in 50 Yard Pony Spools

3lb .005"/.19mm

4lb .006"/.21mm

5lb .007"/.22mm

6lb .008"/.23mm

8lb .009"/.25mm

10lb .010"/.28mm

12lb .011"/.29mm

15lb .012"/.31mm


Fluoro Leader
Posted Nov 13th 2017 by John

My favorite leader line by far. Great knot strength, good stretch, and very strong!

Posted Sep 12th 2017 by Graham

Running blood run leader this year for salmon has been a great experience, 15 lb will stand up to a big king and still stay invisible in low clear water.

Flurocarbon leader
Posted Apr 13th 2017 by Stephen Mishler

I fish steelhead every day. Pere Marquette river is mostly where i fish. Blood run flurocarbon leader is the best available hands down!!! 8lb is like steel cable, fish dont break it. If you know the pm, its all logs. I have had fish rub this line on the logs and still dont break it. I will only use blood run flurocarbon leader. Ever!

8# flurocarbon leader
Posted Mar 31st 2017 by Duane

I used blood run 8# fluorocarbon leader this past week for the first time. It held up very well to rocky stream conditions. I did not break my leader on a fish in the entire 3 days while landing several steelhead. This leader matched well with 15# blood run floating mono. A great set up.

Blood run leader line
Posted Mar 22nd 2017 by Gregg Rice

I have used the bloodrun line for a long time and it's done wonders for me. It never fails me I recommend using bloodrun products all the time

Quality leader
Posted Mar 7th 2017 by Zachb

This leader performs above expectations. Being slightly OCD, I like knowing the exact breaking strength and we get that with Blood Run.

Amazing leader line
Posted Feb 24th 2017 by Hunter sanders

This leader line is amazing great knots and presentation I can go fish after fish not worrying about the leader getting weak excellent product I won't use anything other than the bloodrun leader line double thumbs up from me

Bloodrun leader line
Posted Jan 31st 2017 by Noah Tabler

This is the best leader line I've ever used. If you have not tried it out yet I highly recommend you get some. You will not regret it and you will never go back to another brand of line.

Blood Run Fluoro
Posted Jan 29th 2017 by Casey

Love that blood run ensures there is a good match in breaking strength between fluoro leader and mono main line. Always breaks off below the swivel on snags if you follow their directions!

Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader
Posted Jan 28th 2017 by Philip Benedict

West Coast buddies recommended this stuff to this east coast steelie fisherman. I thank them and Blood Run. Great Product has moved to front of my vest.

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
Fluorocarbon Leader