Harness Fluorocarbon Leader


Blood Run Tackle Harness Fluorocarbon leader material is manufactured differently from our standard fluorocarbon leader.

Fluorocarbon is known as an abrasion resistant and durable low stretch leader material. A drawback for harness fishing however is the low stretch and hot friction from standard fluorocarbon leader knots which can burn the line creating weak spots.

Combining a softness and stretch to our harness leader material allows for snell knot perfection with durable abrasion resistant performance.

Available in 20lb test 100 yard spools in our proprietary "Erie Green" transparent color.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Lance Carpenter

I love this leader line for tieing my walleye harnesses. I have also used this for leader on my walleye copper setups. This seems alot stronger than 20lb test, I have not been able to break it yet. I regularly drag my coppers over rocky reefs when fishing for bottom hugging walleye and this leader comes back like new. Best in the business in my opinion.

Posted Feb 20th 2018 by Rick Avery

This leader is the bomb...all I gotta say...the bomb!

Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Matt Anthony

A charter captain turned me on to this leader last summer. I have caught everything from Tuna, snook, tarpon, sheepshead you name it. Very very strong line and abrasion resistance. A step up from Seaguar and Yozuri for sure

Posted Mar 26th 2017 by OutKast Sportfishing Capt Jared Meyer

Blood Run has struck a home run with their Crawler Harness leaders. The leader though hard is very easily manipulated to conform to the harness hooks, creating smooth and well dressed knots. The Blood Run Crawler harness leader provides incredible durability, with no flat spots from pinched line, they will take a beating for strike after strike of sharp toothed fish.

Troll with Confidence
Posted Jun 16th 2016 by Kris

Just got back from NW Ontario Canada.. Caught 30+ Northern's 37-40+ inches and never broke a leader (all on the same one!!!). Its made me a believer. I had others in my party begging for a piece. Other leader line doesn't compare and steel leaders limit the action and sensitivity.. Nice work - you have convinced me and my whole fishing party that this is the real deal..

abrasive resistent
Posted Apr 27th 2016 by Vince Gulino

i used to use seagaur for harness material and now i have switched and love this product it is tough and abrasive resistant.

Not messin' around.
Posted Mar 1st 2016 by Jeff

Blood Run Tackle has set the bar so high when it comes to leader material for tying your nightcrawler harnesses .. if you are a spinner rig fisherman, this is the leader line you should be using, it snells hooks flawlessly and everything is just so smooth about this line. 20 times abrasion resistant, weather you are using super sized blades to call them fish from a far or you are trolling submersed timber, rocks reefs, or even have to rip through weeds to get to these walleyes, you don't have to second guess yourself with this harness leader material. This stuff is built and made for us spinner rig fisherman. everything else is just an imitation

tough as nails
Posted Oct 12th 2015 by Adam Marchbanks

Great leader thats tough as nails. Have used it for sliders salmon fishing as well as on my crawler harnesses for walleye on Saginaw Bay. Very abrasion resistant.

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
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Harness Fluorocarbon Leader