Well, since the cat is out of the bag on tournament guys pulling spin n glo's around in front of harnesses (instead of blades) we thought we would spill the beans on how to win every trolling orientated walleye tournament using walleye copper, with spin n glo harnesses.

We have been doing it for years, for lake trout.   Every serious competitive fisherman knows that the biggest walleyes are on the bottom, period.   You can troll all day and play with schoolie sized eaters suspended with stickbaits and spoons, but if you want the hogs, you have to be in constant contact with the bottom. Not bottom bouncer contact...ALOT of constant contact.

Forget bottom bouncers, not enough commotion.   Forget leadcore, it will get destroyed by mussels and rocks.     Tie your favorite spin n glo harness rig up with our fluorocarbon harness leader material, and hook your leader right to the end of your walleye copper leader.  You HAVE to use fluorocarbon leader on your spin n glo harness setup and your copper trolling wire setup, it is the only material durable enough to handle the abuse you will put it through dragging it over structure.    Mono will be destroyed within an hour of using this tactic.

Drag a significantly longer walleye copper segment than you would normally need for a specific depth, so that anywhere from 20 up to 70 feet of copper is actually dragging on the bottom while you are trolling.  Depending on speed of course.

Example, pull a 100' walleye copper in 20 feet of water at 2.0 gps.    At 2.5 gps, this setup would run 20 feet down.   At 2.0 gps this setup will put about 25-30 feet of copper on the bottom, which is what you want.  Run a 200 or 250 in 40' of water, and so forth.    Be sure to consult our dive charts for walleye copper so you have a reference as to what you need to get you where you want.

If you are new to the walleye copper game, you can purchase a complete pre spooled walleye copper setup here.

The dragging and snaking walleye copper will turn up the bottom like nothing else, kicking fat behomoths off their rear ends and force them to aggressively attack the spin n glo harness setup.  

The spin n glo harness is buoyant, so it floats just off the bottom.   The wings on the spin n glo prevent fouling of the harness hooks behind it from mussels and other garbage.

We always catch our biggest hogs with walleye copper/spin n glo harness trolling FAST.  The faster the better, like 2.5-2.8 gps.   This requires even longer segments of walleye copper to drag sufficiently on the bottom at these speeds because of "lift" of the rig due to higher trolling speeds.   Speed lifts, slow sinks.

Too bad we aren't competitive walleye anglers, we probably could have pulled more than a few paychecks off guys before they figured out the program.