Iridia Float Rod

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Not available online.  Please contact these fine authorized dealers for available stock and pricing The Outdoorsmen Pro Shop and Colville Outfitters.

Each Iridia Super Lite float rod is a one of a kind, hand crafted by master rod builders using the finest components to deliver a truly unique float rod for the discriminating float fisherman.

Click here to check out the available 2019 Super Lite Iridia 11'6" on Youtube watch in HD!

Click here to check out the available 2019 Super Lite Iridia 13' on Youtube watch in HD!

Watch an overview of Iridia and SSF Float Rods on our YouTube Channel

With it's stunning construction in beautiful Titanium Chrome finish and premium components, discriminating float fishermen finally have a custom build available in a full production rod.  

The Blood Run Tackle Iridia float rod uses the most durable and lightest weight line guides available.  These guides are up to 10% lighter than the next closest line guide frame and are constructed of 100% corrosion proof solid Titanium. These guides are specifically for spinning/centerpin float rods from ultra-light to medium power to cover all reel and rated line size applications.

The 100% Titanium Y guides have the proper and most efficiently designed angular frame that provides added strength to make this the highest performing spinning/centerpin guide to date.  The custom beveled and hardened guide inserts makes these one of the lightest and highest performing guides available.  Each guide insert is tumbled in custom sized media to smooth out all edges to provide the lowest possible friction when float fishing with Blood Run Tackle Floating Mono mainline.    There are no finer 100% Titanium float rod guides available.

In addition, the elevated line guide design provides for zero line contact with the rod blank in wet and windy conditions, and combined with the standard size 8 line guide as the final tip guide, float fishermen can expect a low to no ice buildup condition even in below freezing conditions.  The extra large tip guide (no tip top) eliminates all line contact with the blank, resulting in super smooth drifts and zero hang ups.

Both blanks are constructed with a proprietary blend and modulus positioning of BR7 and BR8 Graphite materials.   This results in a thin walled high modulus (stiffness) blank that can capture and release energy super light weight form.  The 4 piece construction carries a blank weight of only 3.5 ounces which is among the lightest of all 4 piece 13' float rods of this graphite construction.  The blank is extremely sensitive to angler direction, allowing for precision float control and line mending, while still providing backbone to muscle even coastal fish.    It's 12lb leader rating is huge for a blank of this lightweight and responsive construction.

The 2 piece 11'6" rod blank is perfect for smaller tributaries, tight cover, or boat fishing, where casting and storage space are a challenge.   The 2 piece construction carries a blank weight of only 3.1 ounces.

The rod is finished with premium grade custom Portuguese cork handles with Ultralite aluminum reel seats with woven graphite inserts.   Each set of cork grips are hand picked, hand assembled, hand lathed and individually unique on each rod in finish, thickness and design.   A truly unique, custom, one of a kind handle configuration on each rod, no two rods are the same.

A limited lifetime warranty is available which protects against manufacturing defects and unexpected damage to rods during transport.   The warranty is available for $100 and covers individual rod sections only (excluding custom butt sections) that may suffer damage.  Limit (2) rod section replacements per lifetime, warranty can be purchased at any time.

Made in the U.S.A.

  • LENGTH: 13’0″
  • PCS: 4
  • LEADER WT: 6-15LB
  • LURE WT: 1/4-5/8OZ
  • TOTAL WT: 7.3 OZ
  • LENGTH: 11’6″
  • PCS: 2
  • LEADER WT: 6-10LB
  • LURE WT: 1/4-1/2OZ
  • TOTAL WT: 6.8 OZ



Posted Jan 12th 2019 by Grant P

I finally got my hands on an Iridia with a fixed seat and custom cork from a dealer in New York. Awesome rod! Great looks with the custom cork handle with burnt burl accents. The titanium guides are sweet, so far I like the absence of the tip top it does seem to collect less water that can freeze. Very responsive blank, not overbuilt like some production rods out there. It took me a while to find one, but I am glad I waited. Very happy with my purchase!

Posted Oct 22nd 2018 by Adam Scheflet

I picked up my Iridia float rod at an authorized dealer and have been very happy with my purchase. This is a custom build in a production rod no doubt. Minus fancy threadwork of which I am not a fan, the custom cork handle and aluminum reel seat is great looking and positioned perfect for my float fishing style. This is a very lightweight rod which is easy to use for long sessions, can handle both salmon and steelhead. A great rod, looking forward to purchasing another when the new custom cork grips come out.

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Justin Mackie

I have an Iridia 13' and an SSF 11.5 for smaller tribs. The Iridia fixed seat is my proudest possession, a beautiful rod! I have caught kings, carp, steelhead and even redfish on it float fishing. I love the fixed reel seat, very unique. The handle and grip are not too big, perfectly sized for my hands and very comfortable to hold for a long time. I like the slightly longer tail section to tuck under my arm for long drifts. The guides are amazing as well, with literally zero friction or line hang up like I got with my old rod. I will have this rod forever, what a gem!

Posted May 22nd 2018 by Ren Jasset

This is a gorgeous float rod for steelhead and salmon. I have taken it to the Pacific Northwest and in my home state of New York and it has performed flawlessly. I would pay $600 for a quality custom built float rod like this. The guides are top of the line, and the custom cork handles and reel seat are a perfect match for this blank. Super lightweight, and very responsive. I might just pick up the 11'6 also.

Posted Mar 6th 2018 by Josh Aker

The 11'6" is an awesome rod! I have fished it since November of 2017 and can't say enough great things about it. Nice size for my tight spots, but huge backbone for bigger fish. I caught my pb 16lb steelhead on it two weeks ago on the Muskegon River. Great rod and great price, would highly recommend!

Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Corey Klennes

I bought the 13' rod just before christmas 2017 and have used it quite a bit since that time. Caught dozens of steelhead on it with my centerpin, and love the way it feels, handles and fights fish. Super crisp and fast tip response, Blood Run Tackle hit a home run with this rod! I might have to pick up an 11'6" to go hit some of my tight holes on the PM coming up soon..

Posted Feb 8th 2018 by Rich Hensley

Bought my Iridia Float Rod at Colville Outfitters and absolutely love this rod! Super smooth and enough finesse at the tip for easy mending on long drifts, and lots of power on the low end for moving fish in current. Couldn't be happier with my purchase, excellent Blood Run!

Posted Feb 7th 2018 by Jason Sneddin

I sold my Raven IM6 after fishing a friends Iridia Float Rod. Huge upgrade, super light, super sensitive and I love the sensitive grip cork wrapped handle. This 11'6" is a stout stick to pull my first ever 20lb steelhead out of some wood on the Pere Marquette. Love the Iridia float rod from Blood Run.

Posted Jan 5th 2018 by Dan Urch

Got a great deal on this rod and love it! I have been searching for a 13’ 4 piece for ever, hard to find. Friend recommended the Iridia so I picked one up. Soft enough and light enough tip for 6lb Leader and great sensitivity through the butt. 5 stars

Posted Dec 31st 2017 by Jason Smith

I ended up buying the Iridia float rod after fishing a friends new Lamiglass centerpin float rod. The Lamiglass is nice, but not $200 nicer, and I was not a fan of the recoil guides. The Iridia rod has been a pleasure to fish with my 5" Colville Centerpin reel which really balances the rod nice. I am a fan of the sliding rings so I can put my reel exactly where I want it, and the oversized line guides so far do seem to help in reducing ice buildup (I was skeptical). The lack of a tip top was a great idea too, I have that on a different custom float rod. Nothing completely works for ice buildup when its 15 degrees like its been here in Michigan, I use some vaseline on the guides. But the bigger guides make it easier to knock out any buildup when it does happen. Super happy with this rod, awesome price! Five Stars for the Iridia Float rod, would highly recommend!

Posted Dec 29th 2017 by Craig Hristov

Added this rod to my lineup in October, very happy with my purchase. 13' handles big kings and steelhead too. Fishes good as any custom $600 rod I have seen. Great job on the rod Blood Run!

Posted Dec 28th 2017 by Lawson

My wife bought me this float rod from a local tackle shop and I love it! Used to have a Clarus and wanted to upgrade. The 11'6" has been perfect for my new centerpin reel, handles steelhead perfect.

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Height 74.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00
Iridia Float Rod
Iridia Float Rod
Iridia Float Rod
Iridia Float Rod