Fluorocarbon Tippet 50 YD


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200YD Spools Available Here!

100% pure fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run Tackle for ice fishing, dropshotting, float fishing, and stealthy trolling applications for line shy species.  

Premium fluorocarbon constructed from the highest available grade resin mixtures to provide one of the smoothest and most durable fluorocarbon leader materials.    This is an extremely high end leader, no doubt about it.

Nearly 100% invisible under water, impervious to Ultra Violet (UV) rays and is extremely abrasion resistant. 

Added resin mixtures allow slightly more flex and stretch than our stiffer trolling leader, while still providing great senstivity for dropshotting, float fishing and jigging.

This is an IDEAL sub freezing fluorocarbon leader with no memory, great sensitivity, and zero brittleness.

Available in 50 Yard Pony Spools

3lb .005"/.19mm

4lb .006"/.21mm

5lb .007"/.22mm

6lb .008"/.23mm

8lb .009"/.25mm

10lb .010"/.28mm

12lb .011"/.29mm

15lb .012"/.31mm


39 Reviews

Tim Feb 28th 2020


This is by far the best leader I’ve ever used and will continue to use. Strong stuff definitely the 4lb-6lb test! Awesome stuff highly recommend!

Corey Wollen Jan 12th 2019


Best leader in the vest by far. Always my goto in 4,6,8lb for any trout species.

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