Micro Leadcore 1000YD


1000YD Spool of premium Made in the USA Micro Leadcore Trolling Wire for trolling applications.    Reach consistent depths with ease while trolling for walleye, salmon, trout, striper and more.

Each "color" of lead is 10 yards and contains 10 alternating "colors" for ease of measurement.

Leadcore consists of a lead "core" wrapped in a durable fiber sheath, and dives to depths of 32lb Copper.

Available in 1000YD spools in both 18lb and 27lb test, .027" and .029" diameter.

Posted May 22nd 2018 by Ron Fortner

Very pleased with my purchase and performance of the 27lb leadcore. I troll for both salmon and walleye, and have used this leadcore for 2 full seasons without a single issue. Great price and value, A+ product!

Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Randy Owen

I highly recommend this leadcore for any trolling application. It is extremely durable and does not fade. More important, the lead does not break through the sheath like the cheap Bass Pro leadcore. Premium product well worth the price.

Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Alex P

I was recommended this leadcore from a walleye trolling pro who won the Cabelas National Walleye tour in 2017. He was not kidding, this is the best leadcore available on the market. Holds up well to both salmon and walleye. I love the 1000 yard spool, I have enough to do my buddies reels also. First time Blood Run customer, great product and great service. Thank you!

Posted Feb 9th 2018 by Scott Anderson

I really like this micro leadcore. Its not a braid sheath, but its really tightly woven which compacts it's size. Super strong and very durable, have been running this for over a year with zero issue. Great product.

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Height 6.00
Width 6.00
Depth 6.00
Micro Leadcore 1000YD