Micro Leadcore 100YD


100YD Spool of premium Made in the USA Micro Leadcore Trolling Wire for trolling applications.    Reach consistent depths with ease while trolling for walleye, salmon, trout, striper and more.

Each "color" of lead is 10 yards, each spool contains 10 alternating "colors" for ease of measurement.

Leadcore consists of a lead "core" wrapped in a durable fiber sheath, and dives to depths of 32lb Copper.

Available in 100YD spools in both 18lb and 27lb test.  .027" and .029" diameter.

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Mark Mcluskey

I replaced all of my leadcore this year with Blood Run 27lb. Very pleased with it, super durable and smooth payout. Happy with my purchase would highly recommend.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Brett Walstrom

I have used this micro leadcore for three seasons now and have not had to replace a single reel yet. Great durability, super pliable, I cant ask for more in a leadcore. Use for walleye and salmon.

Posted Mar 26th 2018 by Jeff Markewitz

This is the best leadcore I have found based upon my experience. I have tried many others, including the cheap (and awful) Cabelas junk. This leadcore is in between a micro braid and standard sheath....very supple and less prone to kinks. I have never even actually broken the lead nor have had it pop through the sheath. Great product, highly recommend.

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Steven Roach

This leadcore is the most durable I have used. I kept braking the bass pro crap all the time because the leadcore would pop through the sheath. Blood Run leadcore is pretty small diameter, but very strong. I have caught walleye, salmon, catfish and bass on it.

Posted Feb 23rd 2018 by Stan Kester

Great leadcore. I like the fact its micro but not braid micro, which is impossible to tie a willis knot This sheath is just big enough to get my 20lb fluoro leader inside to cinch down a nice knot. No issues at all, great leadcore for walleye and salmon.

Posted Dec 29th 2017 by Jesse

Great for both walleye and salmon, I fish Erie and Ontario with 27lb.

Posted Mar 26th 2017 by OutKast Sportfishing Capt Jared Meyer

Blood Run Leadcore gets you to where the fish are. From 1 to 10 colors on OutKast we use Blood Run Leadcore segments to consistently get us to the fish. Blood Run has done a great job in producing dive charts with excellent reliability and consistence. Blood Run Leadcore quality Leadcore for the serious angler.

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
Micro Leadcore 100YD