Micro Swivel


Blood Run Tackle Micro Swivels are the ultimate barrel swivel in carbon stainless steel.  It has everything you need...incredible strength and micro size!  

Available in packs of 50

Size Chart

#6     7/16"     100#

#7     7/16"     90#

#8     3/8"       80#

#10   3/8"       65#

#12   1/4"       45#


All sizes can be used as mainline to leader connections for any kind of drift/float fishing applications, with increasing weight to allow for greater depth in heavy current/tidal flows.  The #8 power swivel is .2 grams equivalent to #4 shot for float fishing.

The recommended swivel size for 45lb or 32lb copper or leadcore to backer connections is #8 or #7.  

The recommended swivel size for Walleye copper to backer/leader is #10.

The recommended swivel size for Walleye single strand wire to leader is #12.

The recommended swivel size for Walleye braid jigging to fluorocarbon leader connections is #12.

The recommended swivel size for 50lb fluoro and larger connections or meat rig terminations is #6.


Verified Buyer Ron Fortner

I use the size 10 swivels for my leadcore to leader connections when trolling for walleye and salmon. These are premium swivels, great product!

Verified Buyer Brett Walstrom

These swivels are incredibly strong. I used to use Spro, but found these swivels to be superior in strength and durability. Great product Blood Run

Verified Buyer Austin L

Awesome swivels. I use these on my mainline to leader connections for float fishing in size 12 and then use the size 10 or 8 for my leadcore trolling rigs. Great price, and I have not broken a single swivel since I tried these.

Verified Buyer Jeff Lynn

size 12 and 10 for my float fishing rigs, super small and super strong! Great deal for 50 of them

Oct 15 2017
Verified Buyer Jeff

super strong and small, highly recommend them. Wish they had larger packs of them

Verified Buyer Lawson

The size 10 and 12 are the right size for my mainline to leader connections. Better than blackbird which I used to use, they dont lock up at all!

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Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
Micro Swivel