One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding how to properly use fixed floats (with stems) is how to attach them to your fishing line.

In order to attach your fixed stem float to your fishing line, you must use float tubing found here.    Blood Run Float tubing is a non-silicone/non-rubber tubing specially designed for float fishing applications to use with Blood Run Tackle fixed stem floats.

The tube comes in a pack with (2) 12" pieces of tubing, one smaller diameter clear colored piece for the bottom float stem, and one larger diameter piece of hi-vis orange for the top stem.

First, cut off a small piece of orange tube, roughly 1/8-1-4" length and slide up your mainline.    Then cut a 1-4-1/2" piece of clear and slide this up your mainline below the orange piece.   Now tie on your barrel swivel to the bottom of the mainline to keep the tubing pieces from sliding off.

Once the sections of tubing are on your mainline, attach the top of your float (orange stem) into the orange tubing piece.   Then, insert the bottom stem of the float into the clear piece of tubing on your mainline.    Slowly pull the ends of the mainline on either side of the float to remove any slack in the mainline, so the mainline is riding tightly to the outside of your float.

You can now easily slide your float up and down your mainline to position it higher or lower, depending on what depth you want your bait or jig to be presented.    Slide the float lower down your mainline if you wish to present your bait shallower, or slide your float higher on your mainline to present your bait deeper.

By using a fixed stem float and float tubing, you can also easily remove the float and replace with a different sized or style of float, depending on your fishing conditions....without having to cut and re-tie your mainline!