Pinland Trout Centerpin Fishing Rod 3WT


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Check out some nice trout float fishing footage with the Pinland setup!

The newest addition to the Blood Run Tackle rod lineup, the Pinland float fishing centerpin rod.   The Pinland is designed for fishing float setups 5 grams or less, with tippet no larger than Blood Run Tackle rated 5lb test.

This 10'6" 4-piece 3 weight rod is specifically designed for float fishing with centerpin or spinning reels for bonefish, rainbows, browns, brookies, spotted sea trout, smallmouth bass, and other species. 

A warranty can be purchased separately at any time (after rod damage).   Please visit our rod warranty page for more information.

  • LENGTH: 10’6″
  • PCS: 4
  • LEADER WT: 2-5LB
  • LURE WT: 1/16-1/4OZ

Want to learn more about Pinland fishing?   Check out our Pro Tip article!


4 Reviews

Jeremy Robinson Apr 8th 2021

Awesome ultralight for steelhead

Bought this for tighter areas in the Ohio area- mainly fishing steelhead. Awesome rod, great quality! Landed quite a few steelhead with this first day with not a single hickup, will be picking up the skein rod. Highly recommend

Devn Jan 25th 2021

Excellent stick

Lightweight yet able to handle trout or small steelhead on PNW rivers. I plan on buying another for a family member

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