32lb Super Copper


32lb Copper Trolling wire is the "lighter version" of copper designed for smaller trolling reels and newcomers to the copper trolling wire revolution.   No other trolling wire of any kind could be any easier to deploy and fish than 32lb Super Copper trolling wire from Blood Run Tackle.

Super Copper fishing line Made in the USA from Blood Run Tackle Co. has been extensively field tested in order to ensure the best fishability and fish catching characteristics.   When we developed our Super Copper fishing line, we tested numerous different types, twists, weights, diameters to develop what we believe is the best copper trolling wire available.

Blood Run Tackle Co. super copper is a tin/nickel alloy coated copper wire that allows for saltwater corrosion resistance and more pliability in the fishing wire itself.   This allows for smoother payout and retrieve.

There is no debating the fact that copper trolling wire has swept through many trolling  fisheries as a "must-have" presentation for neutral or negative predators.   Now, open water, bay and major river system anglers are catching on to the valuable benefits of implementing super copper into their trolling spreads.

Copper fishing wire's unique ability to cut through underwater currents and temperature layers are the number one reason copper stands alone in its ability to get down to active fish other than by use of stainless wire, snapweights or downriggers.

For important tips and tricks regarding rigging, knots, repairs, deployment and copper program techniques, click here to see how Blood Run Pro's utilize our copper fishing line to put more fish in the box!

Check out Blood Run Micro Swivels for your Copper to Bloodline Braid Backer connections.

Click here for dive chart data for copper trolling wire.

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Mark Mcluskey

A friend recommended this over standard copper, what a difference! Its easier to use than leadcore, and I love leadcore. I will be adding more to my arsenal nex t year.

Posted May 30th 2018 by Scout76

Great product. What I don't understand is if the super copper product doesn't actually have 32lb or 40lb break strength and the name only reflects the diameter of similar monofilament, then why aren't they called 21lb and 24lb since those are the diameters of mono in the same class? Great question! Actually there are no production mono's that are of 32lb or 45lb diameter. Following industry standard (loosely termed) diameter vs break strength ratings .030" would be roughly 32lb test and .036/.037" would be roughly 45lb test. For reference, standard 20lb mono's are in the .018" ballpark.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Brett Powles

32lb copper is the way to go! Fits great on my smaller okuma reels for trolling for walleye and salmon. Easy to reel in with less drag than leadcore, greater depth, and much easier to use than 45lb copper in my opinion. Great price and great product thanks Blood Run!

Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Jamie C

Great product, very easy to use. I got rid of all my 45lb copper and now just use 32lb on my new trolling reels. Easy to use like leadcore but deeper depths. Thank you Blood Run Tackle

Posted Feb 8th 2018 by Keith Mann

I used this wire all last season after watching it being fished on a charteboat I took out on Lake Michigan. I had the weighted steel line on my boat last year from Torpedo and ended up taking it off and spooling up with 32lb copper. Much smaller and easier to use, and I can use mono backer instead of wire which is way to expensive. Very easy to use, 2 thumbs up!

July 2017
Posted Oct 4th 2017 by Capt Brad Jordan, One More Cast Charters

After much review, question and answers about running copper wire for walleye with crankbaits, I took the plunge and tested out 2 rods spooled with 32 lb super copper. Now before I go any further, I usually don’t submit reviews on any product throughout my life but this is one of the exceptions. I am not a paid spokesman nor do I have any sponsorships from Blood Run to write this review. Yes, it may be a little overkill for walleye but I also fish fairly deep water on Lake Erie. This past season, most of the walleye we suspended 60 tp 65 feet down in 77 to 80 FOW. For years, I got tired of running flatline with inline sinkers and it turned into a guesssing game. I also was never a hard core crankbaits fisherman as dipsey divers and crawler harness was my go to program. With a fresh spoon of super copper and Rapala deep tail dancers, I was abele to catch fish on my very first lineout. The 2017 fishing season was nothing short of phenomenal for walleye and 60 to 70% of my catches were running 2 super copper rods straight out the back with Rapala tail dancers. What amazed me was, by the direction of Blood Run Tackle, that it didn’t matter if I was running a tail dancer size 5, 7, 9 or 11, if I saw fish at a specific depth, the super copper put it right in front of their noses. Even with a deep diving lip of a Rapala TDD11 had no diving effect against Blood Runs diving charts. As with my case, I was running anywhere from 300 to 325’ of copper line out. More than 1/2 of my customers complained about having to reel that much copper wire in but all complaining soon stopped after the amount and quality of walleye being caught on those 2 rods. Thank you Blood Run for a great product and thank you again also for your support and generosity with the Captains Program.

32 # Super copper
Posted Jan 7th 2017 by Thomas Tarkowski

After using Blood Run Copper on the west side of the state I decided to add it to my fish seeking weapons on the east side. The blood Run brand is a lot easier to work with and very effective tool . Fishing is supposed to be fun and fishing with regular copper not so much. Blood Run products are the easiest and best I've found .THANKS

32# Copper
Posted Jan 4th 2017 by Tom F

This line spools very easily...spring can't get here fast enough!

32# copper
Posted Sep 6th 2016 by Zack Blain

After using almost every brand of copper available on the market we have settled on blood run 32# copper for 90% of our copper program (the remainder being 60# super copper.) We run lengths from 100-600' 10 months a year for everything from trout fishing the Finger Lakes to Lake Ontario salmon and steelhead, to Lake Erie walleyes and musky in the fall. We prefer the 32# copper for its forgiveness and ease of use that is not found in other copper trolling lines on the market. When matched with a non-levelwind trolling reel the ability to deploy and retrieve our coppers is unmatched and time is everything on the water especially when a tournament title is on the line. Thanks for the great product!

copper line
Posted Aug 28th 2016 by bob nikolich

Smooth copper line. Goes on and off spoon with ease!

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Height 6.00
Width 7.00
Depth 6.00
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32lb Super Copper