32lb Copper Fishing Line

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32lb Copper Trolling wire is the "lighter version" of copper designed for smaller trolling reels and newcomers to the copper trolling wire revolution.   No other trolling wire of any kind could be any easier to deploy and fish than 32lb Super Copper trolling wire from Blood Run Tackle.

Super Copper fishing line Made in the USA from Blood Run Tackle Co. has been extensively field tested in order to ensure the best fishability and fish catching characteristics.   When we developed our Super Copper fishing line, we tested numerous different types, twists, weights, diameters to develop what we believe is the best copper trolling wire available.

Blood Run Tackle Co. super copper is a tin/nickel alloy coated copper wire that allows for saltwater corrosion resistance and more pliability in the fishing wire itself.   This allows for smoother payout and retrieve.

There is no debating the fact that copper trolling wire has swept through many trolling  fisheries as a "must-have" presentation for neutral or negative predators.   Now, open water, bay and major river system anglers are catching on to the valuable benefits of implementing super copper into their trolling spreads.

Copper fishing wire's unique ability to cut through underwater currents and temperature layers are the number one reason copper stands alone in its ability to get down to active fish other than by use of stainless wire, snapweights or downriggers.

For important tips and tricks regarding rigging, knots, repairs, deployment and copper program techniques, click here to see how Blood Run Pro's utilize our copper fishing line to put more fish in the box!

Check out Blood Run Micro Swivels for your Copper to Bloodline Braid Backer connections.

Click here for dive chart data for copper trolling wire.


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20 Reviews

Greg Dosser Jun 17th 2021

32 lbs Super Copper

Holds up well and catches fish. Had really good luck with this line on Lake Superior for lake trout and coho salmon. 100 feet of copper behind a stern planer was deadly effective.

Lutz Jim Sep 4th 2020

Super Copper

Huge difference from the 45Lb Copper I ran previously. No more birds nests and tangles on turns.

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