Sea Flee

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The endless battle on Spiny Water Fleas on downrigger rods has a formidable opponent to help against Flea build up on downrigger lines compared to standard mono.

Blood Run's round-shaped 30lb "Super Slick" Sea Flee line combines slick nylon resins into the monofilament construction to resist "hangers on" in heavy spiny water flea conditions.

Increased diameter and abrasion resistance keep it tight in your release until show time.

There is NO FISHING LINE IN THE WORLD THAT CAN 100% ELIMINATE SPINY WATER FLEAS!  The goal is to minimize flea collection on your line and to allow for easier removal of fleas that do collect on the line.    There are several different types of Spiny Water Fleas, of varying sizes and hook type, this will impact the effectiveness of this line depending on conditions.

The super slick coating on this line will eventually wear off due to the acid secreated by the spiny water fleas as they attempt to remain attached to the line.    The line must be periodically stripped so that fresh “shiny” line is deployed into the water in order to maximize its effectiveness.   Large diameter on its own will not stop fleas, the slick coating is just as if not more important.

**Note** When using in a Black's style release, use at least 10 wraps to keep the line from slipping through the release.    This line is slick!   Also, when spooling up this line onto your reel, spool up under heavy tension in order to pack the line down onto the reel properly.   Loose tension will cause under wrapping.

Available in 30lb test Clear 300YD and 1200YD spools.

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Randy Eckert Aug 25th 2018


The only line that works for me when the fleas are bad. We had them so bad this year on Lake Ontario, this line was a huge help. I would still on occasion get some flea buildup on my line (nothing works completely) but they brushed off very easily and I was back fishing in no time. Great product!

Randy Blackmon May 22nd 2018


All of my downrigger rods and mono diver rods and spooled with Sea Flee. It is the only line that works when fleas are bad, and its an indestructible all purpose mono line as well! I had my personal best 29.9lb chinook salmon last week on Lake Michigan, and it wrapped this line around my downrigger and my wire divers. I caught the fish, and the line was in perfect condition. This is my goto mono for the future

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