Skeena Hook


The Skeena mosquito hook by Blood Run Tackle is constructed of carbon black forged steel in an extremely light weight design. Utilizing extra heavy wire to eliminate hook twists and bending on power sets, this chemically sharpened tapered beak float hook is specifically designed for drop shotting, live bait, roe/bag float fishing, cut bait/trolling fly, and crawler harness applications.

The slightly turned up eye is ideal for snelling, and the reverse hook point will hook perfectly every time when other single hook designs cannot.

Available in Black Nickel color, packs of 25 in a wide range of sizes to cover all fishing conditions and applications.

  • Available in sizes #18 - 3/0
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Forged Carbon Steel Wire
  • Offset eye
  • Reverse bend
  • Wide gap

Read this informative Pro Staff Tip article to determine which hook size and style is best for your fishing application.

Posted Oct 22nd 2018 by Jordan L

Skeena hooks are my goto hook for salmon and steelhead. The reverse bend point sticks fish when no other hook can. Very sharp, and a very stout wire. Easy to snell and egg loop knot. Great hooks.

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Matt Wagner

I was recommended these hooks from my local tackle shop to try for float fishing for salmon. I was very impressed with the durability and hookset power despite its reverse bend eye. These hooks are at the top of my pack now for big fish during float fishing season.

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Chris Alfon

Skeena Hooks are my go to hook for float fishing for salmon and big steelhead. Deadly penetration, which is not easy to do on hard jaws of spawning salmon. Perfect offset eye for snelling. Highly recommend.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Mark Radcliffe

Super strong and sharp, these mosquito style Skeenas have been just the ticket when fish are trying to get away with quick pickups and drops. The reverse bend finds a place to grab ahold of, and the snell knot creates the perfect vertical lift. My goto hook in tough situations.

Posted Mar 23rd 2018 by Paul Tenley

Super sharp and solid hooksets! I like these for bags and skein when float fishing for steelhead, and live bait in saltwater. The soft turned up eye is nice for snelling, without too much bend like an Octopus. Deadly sharp and deep penetration through jawbones. Great hook!

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Walt Greck

I use the 3/0 and 2/0 for shrimp fishing nearshore in Naples area. I switched from circle hooks because I like to power hook set, and these hooks deliver! Have not broke one since I switched over, and have landed some monster snook and tarpon on them.

Posted Feb 21st 2018 by Lynn Martz

I use these for all of my live bait rigs especially with shrimp for snook and redfish. They are stellar and incredibly strong. Size 1 and sometimes size 2 depending on the water clarity. Have not broken a single one of these hooks since I switched to them!

Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Jason Pleluna

These hooks are like daggers. Always hook fish in the upper lip, easy to snell, very very strong wire. Had a snag could not break this hook ended up breaking my leader instead.

Posted Jan 9th 2018 by Eric W

I bought some of these hooks on a recommendation from a tournament fisherman who wins regularly and he recommended the size 1/0 Skeena hook matched with a size #6 Impaler Treble hook and Blood Run harness leader for all of his crawler harnesses. I tied a few up late summer and they were on fire. Super sharp hooks for sure, I am going through all my rigs this winter and re-tie them all with these Skeena hooks!

Posted Dec 30th 2017 by Tom K

Nice turned up eye for snell knots, very sticky! Reverse bend helps imo..

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Height 3.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00
Skeena Hook