Skein Cane Rod Warranty


Thank you for your purchase of the Skein Cane centerpin float fishing rod from Blood Run Tackle.    When purchasing the rod, there is no implied warranty coverage.  A warranty must be purchased here when a blank break occurs in order to receive a new rod.   Dealers do not process warranty claims for Skein Cane rods unless authorized by Blood Run Tackle.

This warranty DOES NOT COVER guide separation from the blank.    Guides can be re-tied easily by a local qualified tackle store or rod repair shop.   If a guide is separated from the blank, and the guide itself is broken or lost, contact us and we can send you a new guide to allow for you to take to a local tackle shop that can re-wrap the guide to the blank for their standard guide wrap fee (usually less than $20)

The Skein Cane Float Rod warranty can be purchased at any time.   In order to be eligible for a replacement rod, you must email us pictures of all four sections of the Skein Cane Float Rod, including the broken section, to  You must also include a copy of your receipt or order invoice (if purchased online) with your name and date of purchase on it.    Warranty‘s WILL NOT be processed without all of the above information, without exception.

At that time the above information has been provided by you, and after you have purchased the warranty here, we will ship you a complete new rod (free shipping lower 48 states).

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Skein Cane Rod Warranty