Slip Floats

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Balsa Slip floats in a variety of sizes and colors to use with bobber stops to get deep fast when float fishing!

Can be used with inline sinkers or with sliding sinkers to get presentations down in either slow or heavy flows.

Not sure which float to use?  Check out this informative article on Float Style selection.



Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Corey Jones

Really durable floats, I love the camo color I believe it helps break up the outline of the float in clear water. I used to use the aero floats, but these are way better for PNW float fishing. Not as bulky and much better finish.

Posted Jan 6th 2018 by Eric Williams

Picked some of these up at a local sportshop, camo 3/8oz. Work great on my pimples with a single perch eye on the hooks. These floats do move on even the lightest bites, picked up a few fish that I could not get to go on my active rods. I'm sold on them, threw all my old Thills in the trash

Posted Jan 6th 2018 by Jerry Bell

Love these floats on my deadstick rods for Walleye, easy to see in low light, nice high vis tops. I bought the big dog 1 oz for my pike setups and they work well, highly recommend!

Posted Jan 6th 2018 by Len Aldridge

Have been using these float all season on whitefish and panfish. I like the Ice Jig size for my extra holes when I am jigging my spring tip in my active hole.

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Height 4.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
Slip Floats