Pinland 3wt Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

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Check out some nice trout float fishing footage with the Pinland setup!

A recent addition to the Blood Run Tackle fishing rod lineup, the Pinland 3 weight trout fishing rod.   The Pinland is designed for light spinning or fishing float setups, with tippet no larger than Blood Run Tackle rated 5lb test.

This 10'6" 4-piece 3 weight fishing rod is specifically designed for float fishing with spinning or centerpin reels for rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, dolly varden, smallmouth bass, and other inland species. 

A warranty can be purchased separately at any time (after rod damage).   Please visit our rod warranty page for more information.

  • LENGTH: 10’6″
  • PCS: 4
  • LEADER WT: 2-5LB
  • LURE WT: 1/16-1/4OZ

Want to learn more about Pinland fishing?   Check out our Pro Tip article!

6 Reviews

Ben Gray Oct 15th 2021

Great pin rod and great value!

I bought this rod for fishing some of the smaller trout streams here in southcentral Alaska. It has performed very well and I have had no problems with it. For the price you can't beat it. Look forward to trying it on the Kenai and some of our steelhead streams!

fred martens Oct 1st 2021

pinland rod

rod was better than i expected ! grandson broke tip and your warranty saved the day!!!!!! the reason for 4 stars, the first pinland a bought was shipped without a rod sock and there is no way to get one ,even if i paid for a new one. packing a 4 piece rod in fishpond travel case without one is hard.this is the only problem I have ever had with your staff,they have always treated me better than any other store I have shopped. I have 6 rods of yours and more floats than my wife will ever see .blood run will always first look when i need (or just want) more fishing tackle!!!!! thanks and stay safe in these times!!!! fred martens i

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