Soft Split Shot


Super Soft Lead Split Shot in the most popular sizes for fly, dropshot, drift and float fishing!    Matte grey color and extra soft, will not damage your line when adjusting shot patterns for changing current/tide flows and alternate depths.

Simple pinch on and slide to adjust.   Comes in packs of 50 grams and bulk 1 Kilogram sizes.     Refill your existing plastic dispensers with this awesome soft split shot!

Verified Buyer Stan W

Super soft, mute grey color, does not damage my line or my leader. Great sizes and price, perfect for float fishing

Verified Buyer Rich

Great shot, super soft, easy to work with. Recommend this!

Verified Buyer Jerry Martin

I love this super soft shot. I have fly fished and float fished with it, and it is some of the softest I have ever used. Does not damage my line when I adjust it. Great price too..

Verified Buyer Greg White

Ran out of a few sizes in my plastic dispenser, bought some 50 gram packs and filled them back up. Super soft shot is all I use on my different mainlines. Excellent product at a great price!

Verified Buyer James Harting

Love this soft shot, it is really soft and slides easily on my mainline. Its even soft enough to put a #4 size on my leader just to get my baits down a little deeper. Refilled all my plastic cases and I am ready to hit the river!

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Height 3.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00
Soft Split Shot