SSF Float Fishing Mono

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New Feb 2018

SSF Float Fishing Mono is the latest in our lineup of monofilament fishing lines for fresh and saltwater float fishing.    Using super soft line conditioners we have delivered on a long requested line for both centerpin and spincasting applications.

Ideal for extreme cold as well as sidecasting/spin casting, this super soft mono delivers great flexibility for all float fishing scenarios.

This mainline can fish up to a 10lb test .010" diameter fluorocarbon leader, and is available in 300 yard spools in 12lb test clear.


Verified Buyer Justin Aker

Just got it, love it. Seems super super soft, nice stretch, mends very easily. Caught my PB brown on it 11lbs! Use the 8lb fluoro under neath it. Shot slides nice on this line this line as much as the original, hope they get some more colors next fall

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 1.00
SSF Float Fishing Mono