SSF Float Fishing Mono

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SSF Float Fishing Mono is the latest in our lineup of monofilament fishing lines for fresh and saltwater float fishing.    Using super soft line conditioners we have delivered on a long requested line for both centerpin and spincasting applications.

Ideal for extreme cold as well as sidecasting/spin casting, this super soft mono delivers great flexibility for all float fishing scenarios.

This mainline can fish up to a 10lb test .010" diameter fluorocarbon leader, and is available in 300 yard spools in 12lb test clear.


Posted Jan 12th 2019 by Corey Wollen

This is a super soft mainline, works great on my pin and spinning reel. Will purchase this again.

Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Paul Wren

Very smooth line for float fishing. Zero memory off my spinning and baitcaster reels, high floating and very strong. Would highly recommend

Posted Aug 25th 2018 by Justin Mackie

Spooled this line up on my spinning reel this spring for steelhead, and ended up using it this week for float fishing for kings and caught my personal best 21lbs on it! It is a very limp line, no memory at all, super strong. I hope to see more colors available soon.

Posted Mar 14th 2018 by Jeff Barkley

Just purchased this line and used it for the past week or two, super super soft and smooth. Love this line for float fishing on my spinning setup. Thanks Blood Run Tackle!

Posted Mar 6th 2018 by Grey Stronich

I bought this for my centerpin and spinning reel. Huge difference on my spinning reel, this line is super soft and easy to mend. I also have used it on my centerpin, and like as much as the original float line, I just wish they had some colors. Great product!

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Garrett Symanzki

I just bought this line and spooled up my spinning reel for float fishing. I fished it all weekend and caught 15 steelhead over the course of three days. I love this line. Super super soft, great on my spinning setup. I like the original floating mono on my centerpin, but this line is great. Hope they make some colors for it.

Posted Feb 19th 2018 by Nathan Miller

Ran out to Erie, PA over the weekend and was able to string this up before i left. 3 days of hard fishing and no complaints. Super soft line with no break offs. Ran 6lb liter and no complaints. Not one! Awesome mending, splitshot and float tubing slid firmly and placed a tight hold. Blood Run!

Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Justin Aker

Just got it, love it. Seems super super soft, nice stretch, mends very easily. Caught my PB brown on it 11lbs! Use the 8lb fluoro under neath it. Shot slides nice on this line this line as much as the original, hope they get some more colors next fall

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Height 1.00
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Depth 1.00
SSF Float Fishing Mono