Stainless Planer Board Pin


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Blood Run Tackle heavy duty 1/8" stainless planer board replacement pins for Church Tackle planer boards.  These are the stainless pins you want to complete your Church TX-44 or Church Walleye Board conversions to allow you to run Bloodline braid backing straight to your copper or leadcore setups.

By utilizing these stainless pins, you can place your braid behind the pin, and "spin" the planer board three or four times before snapping your braid into the release on your planer board.   By doing so, your planer board will hang on this pin, and will not slip up and down your braid backing inside your releases any longer.

This eliminates the need to splice in large monofilament in order to prevent boards slipping on your braid backer.    Wrapping braid backer around the front release is NOT a viable solution, as the braid will cut into the release, damaging the line and preventing easy removal when you have a fish jerking on the opposite end.

You must provide the "spring" and "clip" from the stock Church Tackle planer board pins in order to complete this upgrade.   The stock springs, and clip, will work with these aftermarket pins.

(1) Stainless Pin per pack.

7 Reviews

Joe Restin Feb 26th 2018


These things are the ticket for your church boards. Never going back to plastic pins again! Nice 90 degree bend to grab ahold of to pull out. All my existing hardware fit on these , easy to change out

Gunslinger Sportfishing Oct 24th 2016


Out of all of the planer board mods suggested in the Tips and Tricks section, this one and the Church Lockjaw get used on EVERY board. These things are rock solid and will keep your board in place even in the worst conditions. The 90 degree bend in the pin sticks up above the board making it easy to grab even for the rookie on the boat. This feature alone make this a better option over Church's stainless pins.

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