Stainless Trolling Wire


Made in the USA 30lb premium 7 strand stainless trolling wire...breaks over 40lbs!  Unique 7 strand constructed marine grade stainless .015 inch diameter is kink resistant and smooth spooling.

There is no doubt on any body of water full of toothy predators or pulling diving disks, that stainless wire is the go-to line choice for top captains and tournament professionals.    The unique harmonic vibration produced under tension, particularly in heavy current situations is where stainless wire really shines.   

True cutting angle into the water and through heavy currents are where mono and even braids struggle.   Particularly if you are going deep with big divers and flashers, only wire can get the job done.

Read this Pro Staff Tip for rigging tips tricks covering wire diver knots, connections and deployment.

Available in 1000' spools in .015" diameter.

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Arnold Ripka

Finally switched over to wire from braid this year and really enjoy using this product. I folllowed all of the recommended practices in the Pro Tip section and have caught a few fish on it this season. No issues, very pleased!

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Greg Fenjik

Great price and great durability wire. Wire divers are my hottest rods on the boat especially with meat rigs. Blood Run wire can take a beating and hold up for multiple seasons. I just replaced mine after two years of regular use. Thank you Blood Run

Posted Aug 27th 2018 by Alex Renn

Great diver wire, have never broken it a single time after multiple kinks from misuse in storage and spooling. I cut back and keep fishing, and it keeps catching for me. Looking to add a couple more rods next season.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Cory Erickson

This is the only stainless wire we use on our charter boat. Have tried all the rest, this is the best. We spool our reels every couple of years and it looks as good as the day we put it on. It can even be fished when kinked, simply amazing product.

Posted Feb 26th 2018 by Stacy McGovern

This is the only wire we will use on our charter boat on Lake Ontario. We have landed four 30lb+ salmon on this diver wire. It holds up strong and doesn't kink at all. We use regular diver rods with only a twili tip.

Posted Feb 23rd 2018 by Les Murkow

I have tried literally every wire out there from every brand, nothing comes close to Blood Run wire. I am not sure how they get over 50lb breaking strength on this wire, I tested it and it definitely is that strong. I fish it through kinks when I get them and it never fails. Same wire for 4 hard seasons now and have not replaced. Best there is by far.

Jan 2016
Posted Sep 26th 2017 by Jon Kolehouse

High quality wire diver line, convenient spool size. Great breaking strength. Kings love wire divers.

Posted Jun 23rd 2017 by Frank Alfaro

This is my first go with wire line. After hearing the horror story's I took the plunge. So far so good!! As a matter of fact, I'm ordering copper to try as well!!!

Posted Apr 11th 2017 by Jerry

Haven't spooled it up yet. Looking forward to using this this summer. Hear nothing but good things about Blood Run wire.

SS wire
Posted Dec 29th 2016 by Capt Jon Kolehouse

Great products from a company that provides and produces products to give you an edge and advantage while on the water. Highly recommended

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Height 1.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
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Stainless Trolling Wire