Balsa Floats

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Balsa floats with super Hi Vis top from Blood Run Tackle.   Our floats are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match any condition ranging from extra deep to shallow fast and slow current conditions.

Available in Titanium Stealth, Camo and Natural Balsa colors in both slip and fixed configurations.

Blood Run Tackle Balsa Floats are perfect for Steelhead and Salmon float fishing with spinning, baitcaster and centerpin rods.

Fast = Fast Current above 1500cfm

Slow = Slow Current below 1500cfm

Deep = 9-12'

Xtra Deep = 12'+

Medium = 5-8'

Shallow = 1-5'

Xtra Deep Floats are Slip Floats.   Deep, Medium and Shallow floats are fixed floats.   3/32" standard tubing for fixed floats.

Match your total shot weight plus power swivel with the gram rating on your float for perfect balance.

Read this Pro Staff Tip article covering float style and size selection, including matching shot patterns and hook and terminal tackle choices (coming soon!)

Blood Run Floats
Posted Oct 11th 2017 by Ben

I love these floats. They ride the water nice, and are tough. Money well spent!

Balsa floats
Posted Sep 26th 2017 by Jon Kolehouse

Nice high quality floats, durable and well built.

Posted Feb 22nd 2017 by Greg Knapp

Great floats for a great price. If you are looking for a good float Blood Run offers a good selection of styles and sizes.

Balsa float
Posted Jan 31st 2017 by Aaron Kamphuis

great floats. run great, great quality and selection

Balsa loafer
Posted Jul 12th 2016 by Greg Young

Very nice floats, made well, float very well in the river I fish, highly recommended

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Balsa Floats