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Balsa floats with super Hi Vis top from Blood Run Tackle.   Our floats are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match any condition ranging from extra deep to shallow fast and slow current conditions.

Available in Titanium Stealth, Camo and Natural Balsa colors in both slip and fixed configurations.

Blood Run Tackle Balsa Floats are perfect for all species float fishing with spinning, baitcaster and centerpin rods.

Fast = Fast Current above 1500cfm

Slow = Slow Current below 1500cfm

Deep = 9-12'

Xtra Deep = 12'+

Medium = 5-8'

Shallow = 1-5'

Xtra Deep Floats are Slip Floats.   Deep, Medium and Shallow floats are fixed floats.   

Purchase Blood Run Tackle Float Tubing here for your floats.

Match your total shot weight plus micro swivel with the gram rating on your float for perfect balance and drift.


Verified Buyer Logan Lennart

Great price on these floats. Much better than similar designed floats, durable paint job and true tracking. Wish there were 10 packs available!

Verified Buyer Frank Livingston

Super hi vis tops and a VERY durable paint job on these floats. Price is right, and have paid much more for custom floats that aren’t as nice. Thank you Blood Run

Verified Buyer Matt Clark

I have a variety of these floats in sizes and color and find them to be extremely durable and straight tracking. Great value, very easy to see. I really like all the different size and color selections for different float fishing conditions.

Verified Buyer Jordan Cain

I tried some of these after seeing a guy fish them on the Grand, they blow away my old thills! Fixed or slip these floats track much better than the short fat thills. Thanks Blood Run

Verified Buyer Nathan Miller

I made the switch to Blood Run floats last year(2017 season). Mainly because they offer a huge variety. I fish everything from small shallow rivers of the Huron Tribs to some of the bigger flows of the Michigan tribs. They run and float very well but more important hold up cast after cast. One of my favorites is the FS 5g for a much smaller trib and the 6g and 11g doe a couple of the bigger tribs. Blood Run!

Dec 1 17
Verified Buyer Eric Barnes

Love these floats, especially the camo. Durable finish, I recommend them to any float fisherman

Verified Buyer Ben

I love these floats. They ride the water nice, and are tough. Money well spent!

Jan 2016
Verified Buyer Jon Kolehouse

Nice high quality floats, durable and well built.

Verified Buyer Greg Knapp

Great floats for a great price. If you are looking for a good float Blood Run offers a good selection of styles and sizes.

Balsa float
Verified Buyer Aaron Kamphuis

great floats. run great, great quality and selection

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Balsa Floats