Swan Floats


Elevate your float fishing to the next level with the new Swan Style Balsa Floats!   Longer and slimmer profiles allows for more precision casting and extremely accurate tracking.

One of the challenges with larger profile floats with shorter bottom stems is that they do not track as accurately in surface currents.    Slimmer profile floats with less surface area allow better float speed control, balanced with the longer bottom stem for precision tracking on exact current seams you are targeting.

And finally, the longer profile float with more float body below the waterline allows your float to stay on your seam even when aggressively mending your line.   Fatter and shorter profile floats can be pulled out of your seam when mending, these will drastically reduce any float travel out of your current seam during line mends.

Available in Camo body only.

Not sure which float to use?  Check out this informative article on Float Style selection.

Posted Jan 12th 2019 by Ren Jasset

Perfect size and balance for small trib fishing. I use them in fairly turbid water and they stay right on line. Very durable and great finish. Would buy again.

Posted Oct 12th 2018 by Lawrence McClaughlin

Very durable finish and great tracking float in small sizes. The longer stem has made a difference in bite detection for me as well. Great product.

Posted Mar 23rd 2018 by Paul Tenley

I bought these at the Grand Rapids fishing show and was told these will track better in the current. They absolutely do! These floats keep my presentation in the strkezone all the way down the run. Very pleased.

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Height 4.00
Width 2.00
Depth 2.00
Swan Floats