Tail Out Hook


Simply the best straight point straight eye fishing hook available on the market, only from Blood Run Tackle.

The Tail Out single J hook by Blood Run Tackle is constructed of carbon black forged steel in an extremely light weight design. Utilizing extra heavy wire to eliminate hook twists and bending on power sets, this chemically sharpened tapered beak hook is designed for float fishing, drifting and live or dead bait dropshotting.

Our micro sizes in 14, 16, 18, and 20 are the ultimate trout hook for bait and artificial presentations.

Available in Carbon Black color, packs of 25 available in a wide range of sizes to cover all float fishing conditions ranging from clear shallow trout streams to heavy tidal saltwater flows.

  • Available in sizes #20 - 3/0
  • Carbon Black Finish
  • Forged Carbon Steel Wire
  • Straight eye
  • Short shank
  • Wide gap

Read this informative Pro Staff Tip article to determine which hook size and style is best for your float fishing application.

Verified Buyer Corey Wollen

Very sharp hooks with a decent size wire compared to others. These do not bend, but I have broken one on a snag. I carry a couple of different sizes pre-tied, 10's are my go to size in most situations for bags and beads. I have even used the 12's and 14's with success on some large fish!

Verified Buyer Corey Blackmun

The best bead and bag hook there is for float fishing for salmon and trout. Not sure how this happens, but 90% or more of my fish are caught directly in the upper lip in the snout every time. I have asked Blood Run how this happens! Either way these hooks are deadly sharp and strong, use size 8 and 10 all day long for big steelhead in Michigan. Great product very please with my purchase.

Verified Buyer Jeremy Loss

Love Love these J hooks for steelhead and trout. Perfect sized wire, nice and stout but not too big. Deadly sharp, and awesome value. Great product Blood Run!

Verified Buyer Casey Breston

These are my go to hooks all season long. I used them primarily for float fishing, but they are stout and strong enough for any single hook fishing I do. The #14 and #16 are deadly on panfish. Love these hooks!

Verified Buyer Stan

Love these hooks for stocked rainbows and goldens. I fish WV and we use alot of 20's through 14's and these things just wont break, bend or get dull. I tie them up to Blood Run 3lb fluoro and catch a ton of fish without thinking twice about the durability of my terminal tackle. Bravo Blood Run!

Verified Buyer Austin

I use the 6 or 8 size for steelhead, strong! Highly recommend!

Verified Buyer Duane

I used #6 tail out hooks this past week for the first time. They are very sharp and hold the point well in rocky runs. I used them with both beads on fly rod and spawn below a float. These are excellent hooks.

Tail Out Hooks
Verified Buyer Zach B

The size, strength, and sharpness of the tail out hooks are all spot on! I like that they have a strong short shank. My only complaint is that the eye is vertical to the shank. In my opinion, if the eye was bent on a 45 degree angle, it would work better for snell knots when tying hooks on for bead set ups. If this change was made, I would use tail out hooks exclusively!

Tailout hooks
Verified Buyer Ben

Super strong and super sharp, just an all around excellent hook for beads and spawn bags.

Tail out hooks
Verified Buyer Eric Rossi

The new tail out hooks are super strong and super sharp. Best hooks I have found on the market!

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Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
Tail Out Hook