Tournament Monofilament 16LB


One of the most abrasion resistant monofilaments on the planet.  Used for back trolling, forward trolling, back bouncing, direct tied stickbait/crainkbait casting/trolling, pier fishing and just about anything else you can think of.

Less than 1% of the mono available on the market comes with any type of abrasion resistant coating to it whatsoever. After you put the fish on the deck, dock, bank, or slam the cooler on your line...once you heave it back out for the next set that piece of mono has been through the ringer.

Extra abrasion resistant coatings, shock absorbent resins and excellent knot strength all define our Tournament Monofilament.

Available in 16lb Test, .013" diameter in both Clear and Natural Green 3300YD spools.

Matches the standard .013" diameter reference used to calculate popular dive curve data for various crankbaits.

Click here for dive curve depth chart trolling data for popular stickbaits with Tournament Mono.





Posted May 22nd 2018 by Ron Fortner

I switched all my walleye trolling rods from Sunline to this Tournament Mono and am very pleased. I use it while trolling inlines with harnesses and stickbaits, its extremely abrasion resistant and works perfectly with my flag system on my boards.

Posted May 20th 2018 by Jeff Weckheiser

Awesome line I use it for all of my brown trout and walleye trolling applications. Super durable and great value!

Posted Apr 11th 2018 by Lost Tackle charters

I only run the walleye tournament mono on my boat. Why wouldn't a person, especially a charter boat with inexperienced clients, run a line that has the breaking strength of 16# with the needed dive curve diameter of 10#, it simply makes sense. When pulling in Lake Erie walleye, it gives me the added confidence I need that my clients will put the fish in the boat.

Posted Mar 14th 2018 by Jason Stezniak

Super smooth mainline and very strong. I tied a simple overhand knot in the line and wrapped it around my two fists and literally could not break this line no matter how hard I tried. There must have been more than 30lbs of force on the line. Seems slightly stretchy which I like for power hooksets on bass. Should work well on my walleye planer boards also.

Posted Mar 6th 2018 by Al Black

This line is nearly indestructible for trolling and casting. I have it on my tekota 500's for Lake Erie walleye, and on various baitcasters for pitching baits for bass. Great abrasion resistance and a great price. Excellent product.

Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Gordon Jucik

Incredible incredible line. I spooled all of my baitcasters with this mono last summer and as more than pleased. Super smooth and extremely abrasion resistant. I had a number of fish take me around docks and pilings, and this line never broke once. Very thin diameter.

Posted Feb 23rd 2018 by Matthew Brennan

This is the only mono I will use fishing for bass and walleye. I cast and troll with it. Super smooth and soft, and very abrasion resistant as advertised. Nice work Blood Run

Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Josh Smith

This is only line I will use for mono casting for bass and snook. Super smooth and soft, love this line when I am not using braid in heavy cover. Very thin diameter for its break lbs, and seems very abrasion resistant.

Posted Mar 22nd 2017 by Adam Krepline

So far it's the best mono I have ever come across, spools up easily for a 16# line. Also is limp enough to tie knots with ease. Can't wait to pull some spoons and stickbaits for browns and walleyes. Top it off Blood Runs customer service is by far 5 star.

Another Amazing Blood Run Product
Posted Aug 2nd 2016 by Kris Logue

After being blown away by the Walleye Leader line, I decided to give the Tournament Mono a run. Blood Run didn't let me down. Great sensitivity, no memory, smooth casting and my favorite Though as Nails. It's amazing to me that a Mono can perform this well and take a beating. Similar to the leader line, Blood Run has found a way to beat abrasions with their Mono. I'm sold.. No one compares to the quality of Blood Run.

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Height 6.00
Width 6.00
Depth 6.00
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Tournament Monofilament 16LB