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To read a quick intro to fishing copper for Walleye, please click Outdoor Life Magazine.   

For deadly tactics to employ while fishing Walleye Copper Trolling Wire, please read this article on #mining.

20lb test copper trolling wire Made in the USA specifically designed for open water and river trolling scenarios, flatlined or run off planer boards.    Walleye Copper Trolling Wire from Blood Run is a nickel/tin coated stranded copper wire designed to achieve greater depths with less line out than leadcore.   One of the most significant advantages of the stranded twist copper wire from Blood Run is it's pliability and user-friendly design.   With smooth payout and small diameter, segments of up to 300 feet fit easily on small sized level wind reels most often used by Walleye trollers.

Most walleye copper fisherman will rig multiple rods with proven segments and run them in succession off inline and large ski planer boards.    Shallow water fisheries such as Green Bay, Saginaw Bay, Mississippi River and West Basin Erie tend to run short segments of 20 to 65 feet with crawler harnesses, crankbaits and small walleye spoons.    East Basin Erie, Bay De Noc, open water Lake Huron and Midwest reservoirs favor longer setups of 150 to 300 foot segments to target suspended walleye feeding in the 30 to 60 foot range.

Most savvy Walleye Copper fishermen will rig multiple linecounter reels with the same length copper segment, and let out additional braid backer material measured by the linecounter reel in order to drop baits back to a lower depth.

Designed for pulling shallow and deep running stickbaits for suspended walleyes, crawler harnesses and mini spoons. Pinpoint trolling depth and angle with more accuracy than leadcore!

For important tips and tricks regarding rigging, knots, repairs, deployment and copper program techniques, visit our Pro Staff Tip section to see how Blood Run Pro's utilize our copper fishing line to put more Walleye in the box!

Check out Blood Run Micro Swivels for your Copper to Bloodline Braid Backer connections.

Click here for dive chart data for 20lb Walleye Copper Trolling Wire.

Posted Apr 14th 2018 by Anton Jonas

If you aren't pulling Walleye Copper for walleyes then you are making a big mistake. I am slowly ditching out my leadcores and jet divers for walleye copper. Much easier to use, much greater depth, and there is some kind of attraction to the wire in the water by walleyes. Very durable and great price.

Posted Mar 6th 2018 by Jason Lark

I have been using copper for walleye for a couple of years now. I love how easy this line pays out, and retreives when trolling. Gets great depths much faster than leadcore, and allows me to target bigger walleyes right on the bottom in even 80 feet of water. No other wire can do that. I'm sold, great product Blood Run!

Posted Jan 11th 2018 by Jason Andres

I used walleye copper for the first time on Lake Huron for both walleye and lake trout. It is the same diameter as my 27lb leadcore but sinks much deeper. I like being able to feel the trout and walleye fight, and you can feel everything on copper. Deadly tactic, will buy again!

Posted Mar 26th 2017 by OutKast Sportfishing Capt Jared Meyer

Blood Run Walleye copper proves to be a great alternative to lead core. Getting deeper with less line in the water, thus making it a quicker retrieve and increases your probability of getting the fish in the boat. Its flexibility, pliability make it easy to work with, and repair if needed. With its increased depth ratings getting to the fish has never been easier. An outstanding Blood Run Product.

Walleye copper
Posted Jul 17th 2016 by Jim Boyd

True gift from the fish gods!!! Runs way better then my old stainless wire. No kinks. Runs true, shorter leads then old wire, Easy to tie into backer

Deeper with less line out
Posted Apr 27th 2016 by Vince Gulino

This is truly a great product and i have been using this since it first came out. i have made a believer out of guys in my fishing tournaments. now most of the fleet is using this product. gets walleye in boat quicker and that's critical in a tournament.

deep fast
Posted Oct 12th 2015 by Eyeballer

Easy to use, deeper than leadcore. Seems alot easier to reel in with less drag. Will buy again

Posted Oct 12th 2015 by Ricky R

Just wanted to let you know,I was out on Lake Erie today.I fished crawler harnesses behind 3 oz.in line weights,we struggled,hooked 6 fish in 5 hours landed 3,crawling at 1.5mph.Wind died lake went flat I said time to try the copper.The fish were marking from 35-45' down over 73fow.I have my rods rigged with 20lb walleye copper,200',I put stinger spoons on and a couple stickbaits,perfect tens from smith wick lures.I figured those trolling at 2.2 -2.4 mph would be 35-40 down.We put 7 walleye in the boat with that copper setup in 1.5 hours and had to leave but I was very impressed...of course gonna need more trips bug it's lookin like it is gonna be great.Thanks for the help when I sent in asking questions,Ricky

All walleye copper
Posted Oct 12th 2015 by Capt Glen Raptor Charters

Just finished up our Saginaw Bay walleye charter season and what a great season it was. We are 100% Walleye copper now on our rods, and to finish the season off July 4 we smoked the fleet on 100 coppers at 2.6mph gps speed with moonshine spoons. 5lb average which is huge for bay walleye. We love the fact that we dont have to upgrade our inline planer boards with expensive tattle tail flag kits because we cant read fish strikes with leadcore and snapweights. Copper transmits bites immediately and our boards pull back even with small junk fish and seaweed. Awesome product, the key to our walleye program in the bay from depths of 10-30 feet of water.

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