Running Wire line and divers catch fish without a doubt. Here is a tip to make running wire a little simpler and increase hook up/land ratio's.
Spooling wire line onto a reel is very important so I will touch base on that first. Before spooling the wire onto your reel, first spool on 200' or so of Bloodline braid line, this prevents wire from spinning and/or digging into reel spool.
Next install your wire line onto your reel. VERY IMPORTANT wire line must be kept tight as you spool your reel. 
Now here is a tip I have used for over a decade with tremendous success on Lake Ontario. I attach 25-40' of leader to the end of the stainless diver wire, I prefer 50lb Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon. I run this "leader" set up on all my wire rods.
Attach a small Spro swivel to the end of the wire with knot of choice. I then heat shrink the wire side of the spro and the knot. Added "security" and smooth transition off the reel and rod.
Next attach your 25'-40' leader to the other end of the swivel. Add a snap to other end of leader then attach the diver and you are good to go!
Here are a few main benefits of adding a leader to your wire rods:
1) You can work the rod without worrying about wire kinking- change a dispy, lure or unhooking a fish.
2) 2 piece rods can be broken down for storage without problems.
3) Leader acts as a shock cushion when a fish strikes - wire line doesn't stretch but leader does- I never run a diver shock snubber since I started using this set up.
4) Noticeable improvement in hook up/land ratio's.
5) Leader opens up an additional tactic in your arsenal - allowing you the ability to use a Slide Diver set up on your wire rods!
Any questions on gearing up for wire line or this set up please feel free to contact us.
Capt. Steve Drave
Blind Squirrel Sportfishing